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Forging Culture

At Eclectic Coaching, we offer a unique approach to personal spiritual growth and leadership development. Using a integrated model of  Spiritual Life Coaching and Christian Spiritual Direction, our values-based coaching helps awaken leaders to their God-ordained purpose and engage their unique giftings in the hard work of forging the culture around them.


This holistic model, which focuses on integration of the entire soul (mind, heart, and body), helps create a context where individuals can flourish and organizations can thrive.

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Using a integrated model of  Spiritual Life Coaching and Christian Spiritual Direction, Eclectic Coaching offers personalized & organization-wide values-based coaching with comprehensive support in various areas, including Individual Life Design, Pre-Marriage and Marriage Coaching, Leadership Development, and Creating a Healthy Staff Culture. 

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Ryan B, CA

“Josh was a compassionate companion as I explored and prayed through the decision to step out of pastoral ministry. Josh was an empathetic listener and he asked poignant questions. He helped me externalize thoughts and emotions and helped me understand how those thoughts and emotions were preventing me from moving forward and following the call that God had sent in front of me. I appreciated that he gave me thought and prayer exercises that I could use during the week. He was gentle, yet challenging, which is exactly what I needed from him at that time."

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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Crossing the River

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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